My Best Friends....(Oscar Winner)

My Best Friends....(Oscar Winner)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Short Hair

     Assalamualaikum wbt.

     Aiman Rahman.Sorry for stalked your picture just now.How can I do?You are so handsome.It make me always want to stalk your picture.I love you,Aiman Rahman!Your skin are very soft.Just like a korean girl skin.I bet you can take a good care for your skin.Maybe you use Garnier Men For Skin everyday to wash your precious face,right?

     Anyway,my title of the entry above said,Short Hair.What are the relationship between this entry and the title.Is it about Aiman Rahman's?Just like my firstmpharagraph?

     Oh,that was totally wrong babe/dude...This entry are not about Aiman Rah,an's.It is about me.Anyway,sorry for my ruined English.I don't know where do I put Present Tense and Past Tense.

     Back to the topic,Short Hair?Yes,you are right!I cut my long,black,freezy hair about two weeks ago I think..It is not short like a girl short hair,but I cut it Boyish cutting because my hair was totally ruined!,

     First,when I saw the barbera hold a scissor and a lice-alike comb,I feel regret.But,when I look to the mirror how do I look after I cut mynhair,I was very excited.It really suit me because it make my body thinner like Megan Fox!

     Okey,thats all what I want to publish.Anyway,I want to go to my religipn school.Bye bye.Assalamualaikum wbt.

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